iSmart is an industry standard monitoring and control system technologies that is operated over the cloud to allow SME's to kick start their digital transformation through our Global Certification Program (GCP) and Digital Transformation Certification Program (DTCP).

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Level 1​

iSmart level 1

 Intelligent Dashboard Visualization Using Existing Datadit, duplicate...

Level 2​

iSmart level 2

Data Entry Application for Capturing Automated Data

Level 3

iSmart level 3

Automated Overall Equipment Efficiency (OOE) Application Platform

Level 4

iSmart level 4

Automated Manufacturing Execution System (MES) Application Platform

Level 5

iSmart level 5

Corporate Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) and Supply Chain Application Platform


The Global Certification Program (GCP) is an Industry-Lead initiative by Techcapital MyRo (MyRo) and Malaysia Robotics and Automation Society (MyRAS) to certify professionals with high-skills towards Industry 4.0 qualifications. 

Participants receive both theoretical and practical didactic instructions through a combination of online learning resources, hands-on testing and debugging of robotics and automation systems.

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The Digital Transformation Certification Program (DTCP) is all about transitioning a company from its current state to the future state of the company resulting into tangible productivity gains for the customer. The productivity-gained steps are all through the DTCP six (6) certification and mentoring processes proprietary to DTCP.

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