Digital Transformation Certification Program

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The Digital Transformation Certification Program (DTCP) is all about transitioning a company from its current state to the future state of the company resulting into tangible productivity gains for the customer. The productivity-gained steps are all through the DTCP six (6) certification and mentoring processes proprietary to DTCP.

Smart Manufacturing Gap Assessment

Reshaping Plan

  • People: Gap Analysis
  • Process: Gap Analysis
  • Reshaping Plan: Plan Capability Development For Deployment

People & Process Transitioning

Built Foundation

  • Transition to Customer - Centric Focus
  • People: Lean Transformation
  • Process: Quality and Predictable
  • Productivity & Zero Defect Quality

People & Process Right Skilling & TPM


  • People: Upskilling and Right Skilling.
  • Process: TPM, Reliable Machines and
    Capable Process.
  • Reduce Cost 
  • Reduce Lead Time
  • Zero Defect
  • Zero Machine Breakdowns

People & Process 

Trained & Capable


  • People: Well Trained, Learning Culture, Problem Solving Skills
  • Process: TPM, Machine Zero Breakdowns, Predictable, Zero Defect Quality.
  • Focused on Lead Time, Cost and Productivity Improvement



Implement New Technologies

  • Industrial Transformation
  • Industry 4.0
  • Smart Manufacturing Connected Factory




Deliver & Compete Regional/Global

  • Capacity and Capability Building 
  • Customer-Centric
  • Continuous Learning
  • Lower Cost
  • Reduce Labor
  • Shorter Lead Time
  • Zero Defect
  • Quality
  • World Class Productivity